About Beaconsfield Musical & Operatic Society

Formed in 1910, the Society has, with occasional interruptions such as wartime, presented productions every year.

Since the late 1980s their number has increased from one to two - and even three - per year.

Our early years covered mostly G&S but even by the late 1920s the repertoire was being extended.

In recent years we have covered a very wide variety of music, featuring Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Ivor Novello and others, together with critically acclaimed performances of Fiddler on the Roof, Me and My Girl, Cowardy Custard and Oklahoma!

In 2015, it was decided by the membership that the society would refer to itself as BOS Musical Theatre on advertising literature and to the press to better represent the repertoire that had become its mainstay.

In 2016, the name was further refined to make Beaconsfield more prominent in the name so today we are known as Beaconsfield Musical & Operatic Society.

A strong element of our work comprises shows compiled and directed by our own Members and this is continuing.

We are most fortunate to have faithful audiences, together with a strong network of Friends, Financial Supporters and Corporate Sponsors and we are keen to extend this network further.

We have close relations (and some members in common) with the Beaconsfield Theatre Group, the Amersham Playgoers, WYSPAS and Fourways, Chiltern Shakespeare Company and The Young Theatre.

We are able to contribute to Community facilities, such as the Curzon Centre, where we hold our shows, and to activities such as the annual Festival of Lights at Christmas, while our Carol Singing (for charity) continues to bend the ears and empty the pockets of customers at local restaurants and hostelries - even if they do pay us just to go away!

Rehearsals are usually at 8pm on Mondays and Thursdays in the Curzon Centre in Maxwell Road, New Beaconsfield.

We currently stage two shows each year; one before Easter and the other in mid-October.

Our members are lively, dedicated and dynamic and always welcome newcomers.

BMOS is a registered charity registered under the name Beaconsfield Operatic Society - Registered Charity No. 1023030.

BOS is also affiliated to NODA.