St Mary's Church, Beaconsfield

The church is situated in Windsor End, Beaconsfield Old Town and has a list of clergy dating back to 1210 A.D.  In 2010 it celebrated 800 years of ministry here going back to William de Windsor who was appointed  in 1210 by the Rector of Burnham, Walter de Windsor. 

Little is known of the church architecture until 1420. It was evidently a well-constructed building with a tower, because in 1420, the Lord of the Manor made a grant towards the upkeep of the belfry. In 1521 John Waller left money to build a steeple. In 1634 and 1657 Inspectors of Churches reported that the fabric was badly in need of repair, but it was not until 1705, when the rights of patronage passed to Magdalen College, Oxford, that extensive repairs were put in hand.